Nope, we didn't fall asleep on our keyboard in the middle of typing that. Those into tech speak will know it means What You See Is What You Get. Which to us means no airs and graces, just good old fashioned hard work, passion, and of course, the occasional glass of wine on a Friday afternoon. We're die-hard believers in excellence, finding solutions, and making it happen for our clients, something we've been really great at since 2002.


By Linda van der Veen
I've always enjoyed creating events with a purpose. Magical moments that take people out of their every day lives, to experience something different. Long before events companies were around, I found any opportunity to get involved with organising parties and functions within the companies where I worked. I was so determined to fuel this passion, I did what ever it took, even if it was not part of my portfolio.

In 2002 an opportunity arose to start my own business, doing what I loved, and Snazzi Events and Entertainment was born. Those early years were exciting, scary and exhilarating as we travelled the events road, learning something new every day. I quickly realised that forming great partnerships with great suppliers was key to my success and 17 years later this has not changed.

After 4 years and very few weekends off, we needed to evolve, so we started offering graphic design and shifted to marketing events, brand launches and activations. Having grown up in a marketing department for a large FMCG company, my heartbeat lay in working with brands and people. Snazzi changed its name to Snazzi Solutions in 2007 and we were able to offer a one-stop shop for any event.

As the years progressed, my love for video grew and we formed a great partnership with our supplier, Siyabonga Media, who helped create media as a key product in our portfolio. In 2018 we moved together to new premises and 6 months later, merged. This allowed us to grow our team, and bring video production and audio recording in-house.

However, with this rapid growth and change, we soon realised that we needed to re-focus. We had a rich history of being a 'one-stop shop', but the time had come for us to specialise, to rather focus on what we were excellent at. Over several months, and many intense team brainstorm sessions, we refined our services into our 3 current divisions.

With our team of amazing people, and an exciting new client base unveiling, our road into the future is ours to make happen. A hybrid agency with a key focus to connect, communicate and craft innovative ideas for our clients. As on the first day, it is today - translating our clients heartbeat into an exciting Snazzi Solution.